Social media marketing

Invest only on your ideal target

In today’s competitive world, for a company or a product it is difficult to conquer a place in the sun in the jungle of digital marketing.
On the other hand, it cannot be denied: building reputation on social media is a complex task, which goes beyond the involvement of fans or sharing content. On top of that, Facebook – with its new algorithms – is trying to encourage interaction between users by rewarding original content, which means that if you’re boring or unmodified, your efforts to reach more users will not be rewarded. Why create a product, a service, a valuable company if you can’t make it known to the public? For social media marketing it is good to trust professionals. In Cubedigital we use professional copywriters, with experience in international agencies, to produce quality texts that meet your expectations. But above all, texts can attract the attention of your ideal customers.

Cubedigital is responsible for managing social publishing plans (Facebook, Instagram, linkedin), drafting editorials for web or paper magazines, producing press releases, texts for flyers, brochures and advertising materials not necessarily digital.

Once the texts have been created, it may be decided to amplify their resonance by ad hoc operations of the press office. Cubedigital is able to support companies by providing a full Digital PR service and facilitating the dissemination of content regarding your business across the web.

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We maintain communication and corporate reputation based on five main activities:
– We produce always new content to feed corporate social profiles;
– we disseminate the contents of your institutional page or blog in a targeted way and using specific social networks;
– We listen to social networks and manage any crisis with users;
– We monitor the sentiment and influence of corporate social media through metric and analytic tools (such as Facebook insights, Twitter Analytics, Pinterest Analytycs and others).
– We analyze the conversion rate from social platforms, perform visual analysis of links and number of clicks, video tracking.
– We analyse the target audience by developing an appropriate tone of voice and graphic mood.

Finally, through the review of periodic reports, the customer has the possibility to have always under control the campaign and its progress, to correct any strategic errors and understand over time the best and most effective strategy to pursue.

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