SEO – Search Engine Optimization

The continuous evolution of search engines has profoundly changed the approach to the definition of SEO strategies and activities, whose effectiveness essentially depends on their ability to exploit the new opportunities offered by the organic research scenario and adequately deal with engine algorithm updates or the activities implemented by competitors.

The identification of the new habits of internet users at the base of this constantly evolving scenario, where the convergence between SEO and User Experience is ever more marked, is our goal.

SEO Consultancy

Starting from the analysis of digital properties, information needs of the reference audience and the competitive scenario, we develop strategies aimed at improving the ability to acquire qualified traffic from organic research, offering full support in the implementation phase of activities and constant support during the phase evolutionary with the aim of ensuring an optimal exploitation of the organic search channel.

OEP – Organic Exposure Protection

The activities of competitors and the evolution of search engine algorithms can significantly affect the organic exposure of a site and, consequently, its ability to acquire qualified traffic. The OEP service ensures the protection of the digital asset through an articulated monitoring system capable of promptly detecting any element of danger (even only potential) for the organic visibility of the property and allowing immediate intervention in order to prevent or minimize its impact .

SEO for editorial projects

Digital publishing projects require strategies aimed at fully exploiting the opportunities offered by search engines. The long experience gained with leading publishers on the national scene has allowed our team to develop an effective model of integration of SEO best practices with the dynamics of planning and publishing production, both in real time and in the production of cold content.

SEO industry benchmark

Reconstructing a high-resolution picture of the competitive scenario in organic search, distinguishing the potential of own acquisition and that of competitors in the various semantic contexts, allows defining a SEO data oriented strategy and verifying the effectiveness of the solutions fielded with extreme precision. The constant updating of the analysis also makes it possible to outline the evolutionary scenario of the SEO Market Share and continuously check the visibility fluctuations of one’s own and of the main competitors.

Local search

Context is king: the spread of mobile devices has profoundly changed the way users perform online searches and, consequently, the logic with which search engines process their results. This scenario requires an ever greater care of all the elements useful to ensure an effective control of the local / vocal touch points in the definition of an SEO strategy.