SEO strategy

Get your customers to find you

When a user does a Google search, they can find anything. But if you want me to find YOU, you need to optimize the SEO (Search Engine optimization) of your website. This allows to improve the results in the organic SERP (page results) of the search engines and appear among the first options submitted to the customer. But SEO also means taking into account many other activities, all carried out by CubeDigital in an optimal way thanks to over 10 years of experience between technicalities and online creativity.
What are the main objectives of the SEO activity?

– Study of the competitive scenario on search engines (both in terms of channel saturation and in terms of the quality of the proposed messages/content)
– Monitoring of sentiment in search engine results;
– Evaluation of the increase in brand awareness through the monitoring of search engine results;
– Evaluation of a paid campaign with Google AdWords;
– Study of insights on social networks;
– Evaluation of a Facebook Ads campaign;
– implement the link exchange, making sure that authoritative sites on the subject lead to your site;
– redefine the contents already present in the institutional site in SEO language;
– To define an editorial plan of business content with a view to SEO;
– Respect an HTML coding that gives objects importance levels consistent with the mission.

The website must also have a coherent structure, in line with the contents that enhance the company. In addition, you need to monitor and correct the indexing of your online site using all the tools made available by Google, such as Google Webmaster and Google Analytics.

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