SEM and social ADS

Real data suggests how to talk to your target

When you say “paid media” you mean all the paid media useful to promote a brand, a product, a’activity.

The CubeDigital team can strategically guide you and create your own online advertising on every medium and platform. Want to do a series of sponsored posts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram? Want to invest in an online banner campaign targeted? Do you want to appear among the first search items on Google? We can help you do this and more. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in the digital world, we will be able to support you and answer your questions, and our online professionalism will become yours.
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What do we talk about when we talk about online advertising? Many different areas, which cubedigital covers entirely.

With SEM we refer to the Search Engine Marketing and that is to the applied marketing to the search engines, with which we indicate all the activities apt to generate traffic qualified to own site. Thanks to the SEM campaigns it is possible to increase the traffic on the site by a target potentially interested in carrying out an action. The SEM is, therefore, very suitable to make known your company, push a product/service or in any case in which you need a conversion. The paid search mode with Google AdWords allows you to buy sponsored ads on the search engine results pages.
You proceed to the purchase of keywords, so that every time the user searches for that word on Google display the ad. It is therefore targeted advertising. This activity also allows you to collect data and analyse the target audience that has reached the site, important to set up the subsequent marketing activities.

The diffusion of the use of social media has introduced a new form of advertising social advertising, fundamental tool for the planning of advertising campaigns aimed at increasing the visibility of promotions or content of company pages.
With the social Ads you can, therefore, make promotions on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to bring up paid advertising messages and reach your target immediately. In fact, you can select the audience based on interests, sectors of work, qualifications and many other elements, making the campaign very effective. Social Ads campaigns can include a payment by impressions or click, that is only for visualizations or only for actual conversions.

The campaigns called displays, on the other hand, are visual or video ads, effective especially if you want to strengthen the brand awareness of the company and are rather well known brands. The display activities can be managed by purchasing spaces on the reference sites or using programmatic platform, a mode of ADV that provides the purchase of impression, click or views that will be provided on specific sites, blog, webzine sector or other optimizing the adv so specifically aimed at an audience in target and potentially interested in making an action on’ad entrusting the supply to a software that studies the behaviors of the users (behavioural advertising).

Before choosing the type of advertising best suited to the customer, cubedigital studies the objectives of awareness, sales, traffic or leads, which are intended to reach and then selects the most appropriate channels and means among: Social Ads, paid Media, SEM, DEM, Newsletter and much more. For Media Planning activities, cubedigital can count on important partnerships with dealers of national and international importance.

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