Native advertising and content marketing

When advertising doesn’t look like advertising

Advertising doesn’t have to look like advertising!

For brands that want to adopt a less invasive way of advertising, there are now many new ways to approach the public: the most effective are native Advertising and Content Marketing. The goal is to make advertising an integral part of the content that the user is deepening – without distracting him but, on the contrary, attracting his attention.
Readers/users, in fact, increasingly accustomed to any form of advertising on the web, have developed an excellent ability to distinguish between advertising content and quality content. That’s why branded content and native advertising today are gradually replacing other forms. The native leads the user to the content and attracts his attention, conveying the message.
The distribution on the platforms is done through native tools that allow the messages to appear in the same positions of the content. Research shows that a user attracted by an article or a video branded content is much more likely to click on advertising messages of the same brand, thus increasing the conversion rate. The native wants to fully integrate the announcement into the context and tie it to the content.
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