In a reality that is increasingly connected and where the relationship between brand and consumer is the real business engine, it is essential to be present for your target in a targeted manner and on the most populated online channels with a planning focused on people and their habits.
In order to communicate effectively, in a coordinated and synergistic way, it is necessary for a brand to have an extremely personalized Digital Media Strategy, always measurable in terms of performance and able to obtain a high ROI in a short time.

Campaign Management

A careful and in-depth knowledge of prospects and customers allows you to design and plan targeted and targeted campaigns to achieve your communication goals. Through the Campaign Management activity it is possible to define a personalized and coordinated campaign on the different channels, with the aim of exploiting the digital KPIs to identify new areas of development and optimization of the brand. Setting ourselves the goal of increasing awareness, we plan campaigns based on CPM, CPC or CPL.

Biddable Media

Real-time bidding strategies allow you to maximize ROI, increasing brand visibility and user conversion propensity. We develop Paid Social campaigns, to target the target immediately on Social Networks such as Facebook and Instagram, and Paid Search campaigns, to reach it also on search engines such as Google and Bing, with the dual objective of introducing traffic to the different stages of the funnel. Every single touchpoint generated by the reference target is manned thanks to the activation of specific promotional tools made available by the media platforms used by our team.

Native Advertising

This type of communication succeeds in capturing the attention and effectively engaging the desired target, setting itself the goal of overcoming the so-called ad blindness and creating engagement through quality content, not interrupting the user’s navigation and favoring a better User Experience. We process different types of messages in the form of sponsored content within social networks, search engines or editorial sites with the aim of increasing the conversion rate and trust in the brand.