Digital PR

Your brand in online magazines and on the right social profiles

Each type of communication needs a different “tone of voice” depending on the means on which it is used. Once you have identified the tone of voice, and once you have found the message you want to give to the target, it is important to amplify it as much as possible.

In CubeDigital we use professional copywriters, with experience in international agencies, to produce quality texts that meet your expectations. But above all, texts can attract the attention of your ideal customers.

CubeDigital is responsible for managing social publishing plans (Facebook, Instagram, linkedin), writing editorials for web or paper magazines, producing press releases, texts for flyers, brochures and advertising materials not necessarily digital.

Once the texts have been created, it can be decided to amplify their resonance, proceeding with ad hoc operations of the press office: CubeDigital is able to support companies by providing a complete service of Virtual Press Office and facilitating the dissemination of content regarding your business throughout the web.

The digital press office and digital PR are key to communicating corporate image, improving brand awareness, publicising services and products and building a strong network of relationships.
The CubeDigital experts are responsible for the drafting and distribution of press releases, texts, news and information, using digital channels. The added and transversal value of online communication is to ensure the maximum visibility to the customer and to reach the widest possible audience through selected, cared for and optimized content. To do this, we may suggest a network of “ambassador” contacts, or testimonial of your product/brand, for any budget available.

Ask for a free quote: you can immediately make your content more professional and targeted, attracting your audience.
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