The amount of data available to a brand and the speed with which they update are at the same time an inexhaustible source of information and a formidable challenge for those who have to handle them: we are ready to accept it together with the brands that have chosen to work with us !

Data Platform Assessment

Fundamental activity aimed at guaranteeing a punctual configuration and a complete integration of all marketing platforms (web analytics, tag management, media, …) in search of untapped opportunities, obsolete configurations or conceptual errors, with the ultimate goal of our team to provide security in the Data Mining & Collection activity.

Tag Management

Performing complex and personalized digital marketing activities based on the reference user or information from third parties, requires the installation of multiple trackers within their digital properties, which in relation to the speed of evolution of the platforms and to the need to operate in real time requires that they be updated frequently.

Data Analysis

Data analysis is necessary to obtain insights to improve business KPIs. We analyze digital indicators to understand user behavior data and how it interacts with the brand and with the contact and conversion points, as well as to segment traffic data in order to have multiple points of view and possibilities of interpretation .

Data Visualization

The digital ecosystem of a brand is made up of countless data that are constantly updated, which is why it is useful to identify the right KPIs as well as make them immediately available and easy to interpret. We are committed to the conception, design and implementation of Digital Dashboards capable of collecting data from marketing platforms to direct them to the teams that work with us.

Conversion Rate Optimization

The Conversion Rate optimization activity is synergistic with the efforts that are constantly implemented to optimize traffic and media campaigns, and is aimed at improving the user experience within the brand’s digital ecosystem, especially in the context of conversion.

Data Governance

Activity aimed at identifying a set of strategies, processes and rules that allow to treat and enhance the information assets of any reality. It will be possible to identify the types of information (ERP, HR, CRM, marketing, …), where they reside, how they are classified, who the users are, with the ultimate goal of being able to use data as a resource capable of bringing value added to your business.