Augmented reality

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Augmented reality (Augmented Reality or AR) is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to cross the boundaries between reality and virtual by connecting additional content to everyday life, so as to improve the interaction between the digital world and the real world.

We offer the possibility to add videos, photos, sounds directly to your products, making the experience richer and more enjoyable. To do this we use rendering and tracking tools and we use the camera or GPS of smartphones and tablets.

What advantages does the development of an augmented reality application offer?

You can make money with AR by redefining the way you communicate and re-evaluating your ADV and your advertising space in a smart and modern way.

Increase your chances of buying. You can engage and excite customers by increasing the values ​​of your products. Imagine a live presentation using interactive brochures, characters and 3D objects displayed directly on viewers’ smartphones.

The AR is the ideal tool for obtaining visibility. Its most common application for commercial purposes is in events, conventions, sales points or on the web.

If you think an augmented reality mobile application could be the ideal solution to improve your business, contact us today!


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